About Me

Hello! I am Dwi Sasetyaningtyas, I know, it’s a long and difficult name, but worth trying to say it yourself! I am the author of this blog. I was born and raised in Surabaya. Then, I moved to Bandung to continue my study at Bandung Institute of Technology for about 4 years. Still hungry for knowledge, I decided to pursue a Master Degree in Sustainable Energy in The Netherlands. Ever since I live in The Netherlands with my husband and the little one.

What you can find in this blog

I write anything that amuses or annoys me. For me, every journey in life has its unique stories and emotions. I write this journal to keep the memories of moments in my life so I could look back to the things I have been through.

  • In this blog, you will find my travel journals from the cities, mountains, and diving trips.
  • Also, you will find my journey towards sustainable living. I am not saying I am living a waste-free life, but for me, it is important to make notes for myself just to remind me that I am making progress each day. This note is also to share with you on how we can reduce our waste and get through this journey together.
  • I also write stories about my pregnancy experience in The Netherlands – how it is very different from Indonesia, my sleepless new-mom journey, and the most recent thing, stories behind feeding solids to my little one!
  • and more random thoughts, reviews, tips and other things

Let’s get connected!

All the stories written in my blog were my personal notes, nothing more. but I really hope that it could be useful for you! I really love making new friends, for those who want to say “Hi” or anything, just drop me a message in:

email: sasetyaningtyas@gmail.com

It would be a great pleasure to talk with you!

2 thoughts on “About

  1. mba Tyas, maaf mau tanya..ada nomor contact waktu sewa mobil dari bandara ke sembalun gak? karna saya dan kedua teman saya akan travelling ke lombok 13 agustus ini.. jika ada mohon infonya ya.

    Terima kasih


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