Travel to Morocco: Budget and Itinerary

We visited Morocco in December 2015 during our winter and Christmas break. This was our first experience to travel to Africa! Morocco is located in the northern part of Africa, very close to Spain. It is separated by Gibraltar Strait. We had unforgettable moments during our 8 days 7 nights stay in Morocco!

Travel in Morocco is not that expensive if you are smart enough to use your money. You need to book your flight in advance to go to Morocco especially if you plan to go in a high season. Book your hostel in advance so you can save up you money. You don’t need to book bus in advance since the price of the bus will stay the same. The most important thing is that you need to learn how to bargain in Morocco! One Moroccan told us if there is no such a “fix” price in Morocco, they only have ‘your’ price and ‘my’ price if we both agree on the price then we can continue the transaction! Furthermore, you need to be smart enough to handle scams.  You can find some tips to bargain and to handle scams in our writing:

Famous scams in Morocco and Tips to handle them

1. Budget

#Stay and Bus

Hostels in Morocco are not that expensive. We had a private room with a private bathroom inside for about 10-12 €/Person/Night. If you wish to stay in a shared room or dorms, it will go much lower. For dorms, it costs about 4-6 €/person/night depending on what kind of a room you would like to choose. We use to book our hostels.

There are plenty of options to travel across Morocco. Car rental is possible if you drive on the right side (EU side). The cheapest and the most convenient way to travel across Morocco is to use Bus. We use CTM Bus as it is cheap and reliable. The most expensive trip we paid was the trip from Casablanca to Fez which was only 8.5 € one way. The CTM Bus provides plenty of routes and you can always buy the ticket or check the timetable online at

#Eating out

We had our lunch and dinner in common cafe and restaurants.

For a small portion of Tagine in a normal cafe, it costs about 5-6 €/portion, if you go to a fancy restaurant then the price will go up to 8-10 €/portion

For a portion of Harira soup, it cost about 1-2 €/portion and it costs you the same amount of money to drink coffee or mint tea in a common coffee shop.

Fruit Juice is our favorite drink during our stay in Morocco. They have a very nice banana and orange juice. They serve banana juice from 100% sweet bananas and milk while orange juice are from 100% pure sweet orange! The best thing is it only costs about 0.50 – 1 €!!

#Private taxi

The most convenient way to go around the city is by taxi. For example if you arrive in Fez by bus, then you need to take a taxi to go to Fez Medina or Old town. A normal Taxi in Morocco has a meter, however, they never use meter for foreigners. That is why you need to bargain the price.

A petite taxi or a small taxi costs about 15 – 25 MAD or 1.5 – 2.5 € to travel for about 7-10 km. Do not pay more than 25 MAD or 2.5 € for less than 10 km distance! There is also a grand taxi, this kind of taxi is more expensive since it has more spaces for your legs. To travel for about 10 km you need to pay 40-50 MAD or 4-5 €.

#Sahara Tour

camel trekking

There are plenty of Sahara tour providers which you can choose in Morocco. A budget shared travel to Zagora 2 Days 1 Night Sahara Desert tour costs 50-70 € / person (departs from Marrakesh). It includes Sahara Camp, Minivan, Dinner and Breakfast during your stay in Sahara Desert Camp. You also can choose a 3 Days 2 Night budget shared travel to Merzouga. It costs for about 70-95 € / person (departs from Marrakesh). The differences in the price depending on the tour provider.

We use since we can book the tour in advance and it has very good reviews in TripAdvisor. Make sure you use a reputable tour company so that you won’t have any problems during your stay in the desert. Note that the advance booking is not necessary. You can book your sahara trip in every hostel/hotel in Mrrakesh just 1 day before the trip. The tour departs every day from Marrakesh.

See our review on Andotravel in here: Review: Andotravel Sahara Desert Tour

During your travel to the desert, there are plenty things to see, so make sure you stay awake during the journey!

See our journey to the Sahara Desert and things you need to know before going to the desert here: Journey to Sahara Desert: 2 Days 1 Night Zagora Desert Tour

2. Itinerary

Overall we spent for about 400 €/ person during our stay in Morocco for 8 Days 7 Nights. Well, it is not that bad since we always had a very nice private room and food. The budget will go lower if you choose to stay in a dorm.

Download our Morocco itinerary (8 Days 7 Nights) in HERE

The best time to visit Morocco is during Spring-Autumn-Winter. Avoid going to Morocco in the Summer since the temperature can go up to 40ºC in the afternoon. We visited Morocco during winter. The weather was nice and perfect! Most likely you will get a sunny weather with a temperature of 20-25ºC in the afternoon and 10-15ºC at night.

Maroko Itinerary

Our Suggestions

If you have plenty of time our suggestion on your travel itinerary would be:

  1. Take Sahara Tour for 3D2N since it has more things to see
  2. Visit Essaouira. It is an old city near the coast. You can go there with CTM Bus for about 3 hours.
  3. Just Skip Casablanca. We don’t really like Casablanca since it is a big city and very modern. We prefer to see something old.
  4. Try to visit Meknes. If you go to Chefchaouen from Fez, you will stop by in Meknes. We just saw the old city from the bus but it seems to be a nice place to visit

We wish you a pleasant stay in Morocco!

See our journey in Morocco:

 Famous scams in Morocco and Tips to handle them.


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