A Review: Andotravel Sahara Desert Tour

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we use Andotravel.com for our trip to Sahara desert (2Days 1Night to Zagora). we found that Andotravel has a very nice and excellent service! we totally recommend their service for you.  We were really satisfied with their service because of the following reasons:

  1. on time pick up at the airport. when you booked Sahara tour in andotravel.com you will get a complimentary airport pick up service. just provide your full name and your flight/hostel detail. they will pick you up at the airport and drive you to the hostel.
  2. SUPER NICE Driver! we would say that a very nice drive is very important! since you will spend the whole journey with him. on Day 1, we had a very nice guy who speaks a little English but we are sure that he is a very good man. We had a terrible experience on the road in High Atlas mountains. since I did not get a chance to have a full breakfast and the road has so many turns, she got sick on the road. The driver took some stops because she couldn’t stand of the turns. on Day 2, I wasn’t so lucky. I slipped and got my ankle twisted. Our driver quickly helped me and tried to find ice to compress her ankle. He was a caring and loving guy to his customers. even he was willing to drive to the nearest hospital if she wasn’t feeling so well, but luckily I was okay. not only my ankle, my eyes also got irritated because of the dust in the car. so we had to make another stop to the drug store to find suitable medicine for her eyes and her ankle. I am sorry to tell you such a long story, but I think it is a nice thing to know that a super nice driver is very important in your Sahara tour.
  3. On schedule Trip. it is also important to have an on-time trip. since you need to be on the desert before dark, preferably is before sunset so that you can see a beautiful sunset on the desert, the trip from Marrakesh to Zagora needs to be very on time.
  4. the driver drives you home (hotel).  make sure you have a hotel booking after your trip from Sahara desert. book a hotel/hostel outside the Medina, preferable in the new town so that the driver can drive you to the hostel directly. If your hostel is in the Medina, your driver will drive you to the nearest point reachable with a car then you need to walk to your hostel.

if you are satisfied with the service from your driver, don’t forget to give him some tips in the range between 50-100 MAD, of course, if you want to give him more is better 🙂


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