A Review: Surabaya (Outdoor) Wedding Vendor Review

It’s been 6 months since our wedding, finally, I got a chance to write this review. We have been so busy because we had to move from Indonesia to the Netherlands, adjust ourselves to new environments, weather, food, and friends, and of course school!

On July 26, 2015

I finally made my dream wedding came true.

For me, Indonesian wedding is so silly. You spend a lot of money to feed your colleagues yet sometimes people that you don’t even know! And you have to stand on the podium for 2-3 hours just to shake your hands with the guests. Furthermore, you, the one who pays all the food, are the last person can eat the food. Of course, you cannot eat at the reception hall while the guests still there, you have to wait until the ceremony’s over then you can eat. AH! Maybe you also can not drink. Poor bride and groom.

BUT.. Our wedding was so intimate and so beautiful. We only invited family member and closest friends. We invited 200 people only while usually, Indonesian wedding has more than 500 guests. Our wedding was held in the evening to the night, it was at the outdoor. We didn’t have a podium, so our parents’ seat in the kind of “VIP” seats, yet we still had a simple backdrop to enable our guests to take pictures with us.

We planned our wedding starting on January 2015. It took 5-6 months to get everything ready. The most difficult thing was just I lived in Jakarta and my husband lived in the Netherlands during the preparation. So, we had to do the preparation in a “long distance” way. We had a wedding organizer but yeah, it’s not helpful – it’s even further than the word of helpful – you will see later on in the review.

The Agenda

09.00 – 10.00 : Ijab Qabul at Masjid Al-Akbar Surabaya

10.00 – 11.00 : Photoshoot

11.00 – 12.00 : Lunch

12.00 – 13.00 : Break, Duhr Prayer

13.00 – 14.30 : Reception Preparation – another make up session

14.30 – 15.00 : Ashr Break

15.00 – 15.30 : Family photoshoot

15.30 – 17.30 : Wedding Reception at Novotel Garden Surabaya

17.00 – XX      : Free chit chat with the guests


Vendor Review

1.Wedding Dress – Designer

Vendor : Ferry Daud

Place : Jakarta

Instagram : @rumahkebayaferrydaud

Contact : +6281230484206

Satisfaction: High

If you want to make your own dress, you have to make it in advance. Ferry Daud is a very professional designer. I know that I can count on him to make my Kebaya based on the previous experience of my husband’s sister while she made her wedding Kebaya last year. The range of a wedding kebaya varies a lot. It depends on how complicated your design is and how much jewels you want to add on your Kebaya. Yet in general, his kebaya’s price is much cheaper compared to the other designers in Jakarta.

He’s really good at making Kebaya. He really doesn’t want to make his customers dissapointed! He used wrong colour on my Kebaya, it was a bit darker than the colour I wanted. Then, he changed it! Even he made me a new dress without being late from the schedule.  My experience while making my wedding kebaya with him was very nice.



2. Wedding Make Up

Vendor : Tyas Dwi Lestari

Place : Surabaya

Instagram : @bytijas

Satisfaction: High

Finding a make-up vendor for a modern wedding in Surabaya was not that easy. Wedding Make-Up Artists (MUA) in Surabaya are mostly focus on traditional wedding and Chinese wedding. Their make-up is so “WHITE” – if you know what I mean – instead of enhancing your own skin colour. For me, their make-up is fake if you have a kind of “brown” skin like me. I was so depressed because it’s not so easy to find a MUA which fits with my skin colour. I even had my makeup test once then I was very disappointed with the result. Even I was planning to get MUA from Jakarta……

Fortunately, Tyas came into my wedding preparation. She got the same name with me haha so it was a bit funny. She’s my high school friend. She’s already put a lot of focus in MUA service when I was doing my wedding preparation, yet I didn’t plan to contact her because she’s new in this kind of industry which made me afraid to use her service. Yet after my disappointment with my previous MUA, I decided to try her free make up test which turned out to be very amazing! She never did a make up for a bride before me, yet she put a lot of efforts to make my make-up perfect on my wedding day. Her make-up really enhanced my skin colour and it made my face so flawless. Shortly, I admired her work.

3. Wedding Venue  

Venue : Novotel Hotel Surabaya – Pool and Garden Area

Satisficaton: Medium

Based on my survey for my wedding, there are 5 places to make an outdoor wedding in Surabaya. I think these 5 places are the ones which are not so pricey. They are Novotel Hotel, Singgasana Hotel, Bukit Darmo Golf (BDG) Club House, and Majapahit Hotel. We chose Novotel because we wanted to have a wedding in the hotel which enables our guests to stay there after our reception. That’s due to the fact that most of our guests are our own family member and our closest friends. And the closest hotel from my house is Singgasana Hotel, but the garden and the pool venue is not that good compared to Novotel. Even Novotel is a bit far from my house, I decided to choose Novotel because it has a perfect pool and garden venue. It’s not too big and not too small. It’s just perfect. Not only the venue, the wedding food was also nice.

However, though they have a lovely venue and nice food, their service for our wedding was SO AWEFUL! The staffs were very slow response. I had to say that they were not helpful and they didn’t respect you as the one who held the wedding in the hotel. Our room cannot be used until 2 p.m. though it’s written there the check out time is at 12 p.m. Luckily I had another room to do my make up. But I was so disappointed with their service. So if you want to use Novotel venue for your wedding, you might want to think twice.

 4. Wedding Photographer

Vendor : HOS Photography

Place : Surabaya

Instagram : @hosphotography

Satisfaction: High

I was so lucky to find this vendor one month before my wedding day! I was trying to get a vendor which is not so expensive without neglecting the service. I was planning to use the photograph service from my wedding organizer, yet this WO was untrustworthy. She didn’t want to responsible for the result yet she didn’t want me to meet the photographer either. So weird and so confusing I know.. then we just decided to find our own photograph vendor. I found hosphotography at the wedding exhibition. Among other vendors, HOS photography offered me a very good deal, moreover, Mas Anto (the photographer) and his team are very talented in taking pictures. Sella played an important role in the details, for example, she blew away my kebaya to get a nice picture haha. The team is also very funny, you will need this kind of team on your big day to reduce your stress and pressure. I like their service because they give the very best of them. They were on time in every meeting, even they arrived before me. They really made a very good impression for me. They also arrived in the very early morning on my big day, taking every moment. They simply provide service that I want! You can get the raw files 1 week after the reception while the album takes a bit longer, 1-2 months after the wedding.




5. Wedding Videographer

Vendor: Ruang Photoworks

Place: Surabaya

Instagram : @ruangphotoworks

Satisfaction: High

It went the same way with my photographer vendor. I found Ruang Photoworks in the same wedding exhibition with HOS photography. Ruang photoworks offers photo and video service, however we decided to choose their video service only. Ruang photoworks did a very great job. The quality of the video is perfect. They successfully captured our beautiful moment during the wedding ceremony. We love their service though we experienced a bad experience with them just because of a miss-communication, yeah but this one can be neglected. In general, Mas Bayu (owner) and his team did a good work. They finished our wedding highlight on time, the day after our wedding ceremony, and they finished our full video just 1 month after the wedding day.

click here to watch our wedding highlight from Ruang Photoworks

6. Wedding Organizer

Vendor: Redvelvet Wedding

Place: Surabaya

Instagram : @redvelvet_event

Satisfaction: VERY VERY LOW

It all started from my decision using this wedding organizer – which turned out to be the worst decision I have ever made. This service is owned by my friend’s sister and her husband. They are new in the wedding organizer, so we expected that they will give the best of them to show that they are able to perform in the wedding service industry. They provided not only the wedding organizer service, but they also managed my wedding decoration, cake, invitation, and entertainer (band). Well.. I had no problem at all with the cake, the band, and the decoration, they’re all very nice, except the fact that we ordered the REAL FLOWERS as our decoration then they provided only FAKE ones and we wanted a grand piano while they provided the upright one. We had a problem with the wedding invitations too. They were SO EXPENSIVE. We had to pay almost 4 times higher than the price we saw in the other providers. We also had so many problems with their services and staffs. Shortly, they are so far away from the words of “HELPFUL” and ORGANIZE”. 

It was so unfortunate that their service was really that bad. we really loved the decorations and the entertainer. I mean, they provide vintage decoration which is difficult to find in Surabaya and the band was really that good. we hope that  they’ll get better in terms of service.

We would like to advise you to think twice before using their service as your wedding organizer, but in terms of decoration and entertainer, they were good enough.

Doing your wedding preparation required lots of energy and focus – just kidding. It’s just I easily went depressed and stressed during the preparation. We strongly advise you not to focus on the ceremony yet more into the “wedding ritual” itself, for us is the Ijab Qobul. So other than got stressed, we decided to just make fun of our wedding preparation and of course HAD FUN during the wedding reception. Finally, we really wish you have a very nice wedding preparation and ceremony – don’t forget to have fun, it’s not about the ceremony, but it’s about a lifetime journey.

4 thoughts on “A Review: Surabaya (Outdoor) Wedding Vendor Review

    1. Hi Rizky,

      untuk venue outdoor yang kupakai itu di hotel novotel surabaya. itu tergantung jumlah tamunya saja. Di novotel sistemnya adalah venue gratis, tapi kamu bayar untuk makanan per orang. rangenya bisa bermacam2. dari 125,000 sampai 200,000 per orang.

      tapi itu 2 tahun yang lalu ya, mungkin sekarang sudah berubah. silahkan di cek kembali ke pihak Novotel Surabaya ya.

      semoga membantu.


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