Delft in One Day: 6 Things to do in Delft, Netherlands

I know, I know, some people won’t think to visit Delft if you are in the Netherlands. Most people will go to Amsterdam, looking at the canals, rent a boat, and go to red light districts. Some others will go to The Hague for Madurodam, Scheveningen and the Parliament. But Delft, a small city between The Hague and Rotterdam has an old and natural beauty of the Netherlands. Trust me you will only spend 1 day here to explore the entire city.

When to go to Delft:

Go to Delft on Thursday or Saturday. There’s always a market during those days in the summer. What I like about the market in Delft is they sell many old, vintage, and unique stuff that you will never imagine that they would sell it in the market!

Whenever I go to this market I always buy something out from one of the shops. You will find they sell fossils and teeth of sharks, even the old shark Megalodon! You can find some of them sell vinyl disc for the price ranging from 7-25 euros depending on the condition of the disc. You also can find gramophone with a very good price between 40-60 euros. Glasses, ceramics, silver, gems and vintage bags can’t be missed by the girls of course! Old games like vintage chess and dominos are also sold in the market.

How to get to Delft:

The most convenient way to reach Delft is by using intercity train from Amsterdam central/ Den Haag central / Rotterdam directly to Delft station.

From The Hague you can go to Delft by tram no. 1 and stop at Prisenhoff halte stop. It’s in front of Prisenhoff museum.

Things to do in Delft:

I suggest you to start your trip on 9 a.m. in Delft.

Start from Prissenhof museum!

This museum used to be Willem van Oranje house. He’s a legendary Dutch hero which was shot in his house. There are 2 holes in the wall that you can see in the museum where Willem was shot.

Duration: 60-90 minutes


Continue your walk to Oude kerk (Old Church). It’s just in front of the Prissenhof museum. Buy the ticket also for Nieuwe Kerk (New Church).

This church used to be on fire but it was rebuilt. You might want to see the tower from a further distance because it’s not straight.

Duration: 30-60 minutes

Stop by Bakker Suikkerbuik!

Along the way to the New church or centrum, stop by in Bakery shop named Bakker Suikkerbuik. They have a delicate and delicious chocco ballen. This bakery shop is a must visit for a sugar rush!

Duration: as you want of course!

Vermeer Museum

You will see the history of art in Delft from Johannes Vermeer. Here you can witness the famous painting of the Girl with a Pearl Earring.

Duration : 60-90 minutes

Straight to New Church

Don’t forget to go to the tower to see the entire Delft city from the top!

Duration: 60-90 minutes


Rest your legs in Otelli ice cream shop while enjoying the centrum of Delft.

They have a nice chocolate ice cream and a very strategic place in the centrum. Enjoy your ice cream while sun lasts.


7. If you still have time, there’s an old VOC building near the centrum of Delft. Currently that VOC building becomes an apartment but it’s still a nice thing to see.

Ticket Price: €18,00

Access to:

  • The Vermeer Centrum Delft (including coffee and cake)
  • Prinsenhof Museum,
  • The New Church,
  • The Old Church

for the tower of New church you have to pay additional fee:

Student: €2.25

Normal: € 3.75

2 thoughts on “Delft in One Day: 6 Things to do in Delft, Netherlands

  1. May I correct you on a few things? It is Prinsenhof
    William of Orange was the leader of the war (80 years) to obtain independence from Spain. Spain the world power of that time. William of Orange, also called William the Silent or Father of the Fatherland. At first sight you could assume that that it was a war between Catholics and Protestant. In fact it was much more. The Dutch did declared in depence of Spain because the ruler of Spain wasn’t the ruler the he should be. The Act of Abjuration is the first Declaration of Independence.
    e New Church on the Markt dates back to 1381 and is closely connected to the House of Oranje-Nassau, the Dutch Royal Family. This church has the royal vault where the members of the royal family rest in peace.
    You missed a lot of beautiful places in Delft.


    1. hi! thanks a lot for the correction. It gives a lot of detail of the history, which I did not write it down.
      Actually i live in Delft just in front of the oude kerk, what I mean by Prisenhof museum is the same with House of Orange.
      this writing is just my recommendation if you have just a little time to visit Delft.
      yet yes indeed, Delft is a beautiful city 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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