Dive Journal: Biak, Papua – Catatan Perjalanan Alam Bawah Laut di Utara Papua

My trip in Biak was done along with my Nabire Diving Trip (click to see the detail of my trip in Nabire). Biak island is just 1 hour away by plane from Nabire. It is in the northern side of Nabire.

The best time to go to Biak is on June-August. Same reason with Nabire, during this time, the wind comes from Australia while Nabire is located on the north side of Papua. During this time, you will find an almost flat-tish sea.

Biak access is much easier than Nabire. You have some options of the airlines company with reasonable prices to go to Biak. It is more tourists friendly though.the most perfect month to dive’

How to get to Biak


Jakarta – Biak

You can easily find airlines to go to Biak. Lion Air, Sriwijaya, Garuda Indonesia, and Batik Air operates daily from Jakarta to Biak via Makassar or Ambon. You can compare the prices and the time of the flights.

Nabire – Biak

From Nabire, you can take boat or plane to Biak. If the weather is good, you can take boat for approximately 6 hours journey. At this point in time, I prefer to take flight instead. Biak is just one hour flight away from Nabire. There’s only one airline flies from Nabire to Biak everyday. It’s SUSI AIR which fly at 6 a.m. from Nabire to Biak and 9 a.m from Biak to Nabire. Please find below for the informations and reservation for SUSI AIR seats:

SUSI AIR (click to see the website):

CALL CENTER 24 hours
Reservation :
0 800 1 22 7874 (Indonesia Only)
+62 811 211 3080
+62 811 211 3090

People in Papua use SUSI AIR a lot for their transportation, yet that was my very first time to be on board with SUSI AIR crews. It was a nice experience though. SUSI Air plane has only limited seats, I guess it’s around 10-12 seats. I flew with 4 other people and 2 pilots, so there were 8 of us on board. We could directly see how the pilots fly the plane and really, it was such a new thing for me to look at their monitors and everything.

I have never been in a small airport like in Nabire before. Like seriously, it was so much fun though! We had tickets at 6 a.m. to go to Biak, We arrived at the airport at 5 a.m. 1 hour before “boarding” time, I thought it was a common thing to do and what happened at 5 a.m. is … THE AIRPORT IS STILL CLOSED ! it was opened at 5.40 a.m.  I was so worried because my husband’s name on the ticket was printed wrong too. Trust me! It was not a big deal.

SUSI Air check in started on 5.45 am, which was 15 minutes before take-off time. If this happens to you, just stay calm and smile. If you usually put your cabin baggage on the scale, this time, you need to bring your cabin baggage with you and scale them along with your body. YES, they measure your weight! Just make sure you’re not too fat – just kidding. For the baggage, they allow you to take up to 10kgs. You need to pay ~15,000 IDR for every kgs excess of the baggage.

Where to stay in Biak


There are couple of homestays and small hotels near the airport. We stayed in ASANA BIAK PAPUA  Aerowisata Hotels & Resorts. It’s the best hotel you can get in Biak. This hotel is located just in front of the Airport. This 3 stars hotel has a nice view to the beach, a nice garden, and an infinity pool, yet unfortunately, the hotel faces south so you can’t see the sunset from there. It has a very nice and clean room. A nice room with a balcony to the beach cost you about IDR 1.3 million or about USD 100 per night. The staffs are so friendly and helpful, not forget to mention the General Manager of the Hotel. The GM helped me to go to the city center in the night when there was no car hotel available and no public transport. He is so friendly and very nice, he talks with most of the guests.

There’s rarely public transportation in Biak, so make sure you rent a car, yet you always can use the hotel car.

ASANA BIAK HOTEL (click to see the web)

What to (try) Eat in Biak

As you are in Papua, I recommend you to eat PAPEDA. It’s a Papua traditional dish. It is made from sago and served with a very tasty fish soup. You need to eat the sago along with the soup. Be careful with the soup because it’s so spicy yet so delicious!

You also need to try the areca nut and betel fruit or so-called “Pinang” and “Sirih”. People in Papua love to chew Pinang and you should try it. It tastes a bit bitter but as long as you chew it, it tastes good though – a bit sweet and spicy, I can’t describe it.

Where to Dive in Biak

Dive Operator

I used the same Dive Operator as my trip in Nabire which is Biak Dive Resort. I think I choose this dive operator firstly because it has a nice website with a phone number and a price list on it. Secondly, that phone number was actively answering my questions through whatsapp message. They were so responsive.

The service was good. I spent 6D5N trip to Nabire-Biak with this operator and had a very pleasant experience.

Biak Dive Resort (click to see the websites)

Cp: Yudith (081330599930)

Dive Sites

­­­The diving spots can be divided into 2 areas which are Biak Numfor and Sapiori. Sapiori is 2 hours by boat from Biak or about 4 hours by car. Because of the time limit, we can’t go to Sapiori. There are approximately 28 dive spots in Biak and some of them are discovered by the tourists. Even we found our site and we named it Tyas-Arya Canyon. If you are interested, you can ask the Dive Guide from Biak Dive Resort to find a new spot together with you! If the spot is nice, you can name it whatever you want, even with your name.

Below are the 3 famous dive spots in Biak I went to and you have to go:

  • Catalina Aircraft Wreck

This wreck is a US Aircraft Plane. The wreck is still intact – nearly perfect for a wreck. ­­­The dive spot is about 20 mins from the speedboat harbour. You can see the wreck between 25-30 m. The best time to go there is in the morning so that you can get the best visibility for nice pictures.

Catalina Aircraft Wreck
  • Wundi Cave

This underwater cave is located about 1 hour from the speedboat harbour. The length of the cave is about 8 – 10 m. It is not dangereous at all.

The depth is approximately 20-25 m in the cave, as you go out from the cave, it drops up to ~300 m depth. You can see beautiful walls and semi-caves with soft corals and schooling fish.

Wundi Cave
  • Shark Point

As its name, this dive spot is to see the shark. It’s pretty close with Wundi Cave, maybe about 15 mins. You can also find turtles here.

  • Tyas-Arya Canyon

Well it’s not suppose to be a famous dive spot yet I discovered it with my husband as you can see from the name. If you dive with Biak Dive Resort make time to see our dive spot. It’s very nice for a first dive though. A beautiful wall with semi-cave and colorful corals, not forget to mention about the fish, nudiebrnches and also lobsters!

During a lunch time or you might say a surface interval, our guide always stopped by a very nice island. There are number of islands with beautiful sand and blue water where you can just stop and eat your lunch before your next dive. Some of the islands even an empty small island.

On some dives nearby the beach you might find children play around with you. They love to be captured with your camera. They do spear fishing with traditional sticks, and goggle made from wood, used glasses and tire.

My Personal Tips:

  • Take an Advance Open Water Course before go to Biak. most of beautiful dive spots required Advance License
  • Bring Cash, you will find mostly BNI / BRI / MANDIRI Bank, other than that just forget it
  • Go to Biak on June-August. it’s th

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