Dive Journal: Tanjung Bira – Paradise in the edge of Sulawesi

My Trip to Sulawesi Island this time is my very first trip to this island and this is one of my 3 2015’s Travelutions [Travel Resolutions]. I’m so happy knowing that I have done my 1st Resolution this year

Transport Makassar – Tanjung Bira: 

Bira is a common destination for foreigners, so travel to Bira is not at all complicated. The bus journey takes around 6-7 hours. Some buses are direct to Bira, some stop in Bulakumba (which is one hour away). If the buses stop in Bulakumba, simply grab just get a small local bus – “bemo”/”pede-pede” to Bira (€1 / IDR 10,000),some stop in the harbor 1km from Bira Beach (you can walk from here or get a lift on a scooter). In the afternoon there is more Kijangs (Local buses) which are direct to Bira from the terminal-  but the ones to Bulakumba are more frequent throughout the day. Either way, its easy and very rare anyone will try to overcharge you. It’s more likely you will have some new friends by the time you get here! For those who want a little extra space in the Kijang you are welcome to pay for an extra seat for the journey too.

Rooms in Tanjung Bira: 

There are plenty of cheap rooms in Bira [even with Ocean View]. During low seasons, you can negotiate the price. For a luxury and comfortable room, you can try Amatoa Resort [click to see]

Food in Tanjung Bira: 

There are not many restautants in Tanjung Bira. This place is totally different with Bali and Gili which got plenty of good seafood restaurants. Some warungs [street food] even only sell INDOMIE. There’s one good cafe in Bira which named Bamboo Cafe. This cafe is my favorite during my stay in Bira. They have very yummy seafood!!

Diving in Tanjung Bira: 

There are 2 Dive centers which you can try. Those Dive centers are under 1 management.-so no need to worry about the price. In BIra, the best months is around May – September. yet March is also good. Warm water [25-29 C], Large corals in Coral Garden dive spot, I found lots of sharks [white and black], cuttlefish, nu-die branch, Lion fish, Frog fish, Red stone fish, Lobsters, and other schooling fish.

Total Cost

bira cost
bira dive

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